Medical / Healthcare Apparel Service – Boston Service Area

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Medical / Healthcare Apparel Service – Boston Service Area

Based in Brockton, Massachusetts, Crown Uniform services the entire New England region including Massachusetts as a whole and the city of Boston. Whether you are a hospital chain, a single hospital, a smaller healthcare or medical office, or even a laboratory or doctor’s office, let us help you with your linen needs.

Boston is in our service area!  Accordingly, use this website to explore our service offerings –

  • Apparel Service for Healthcare / Medical. At the most basic level, we help hospitals, medical clinics, doctors’ offices and the like with their uniform, linen, patient wear, and other medical linen needs. We offer best-in-class service offerings and meet or exceed all required regulatations such as OSHA, HLAC, and/or TRSA.
  • Lab Coat Service. – We offer men’s lab jackets and women’s lab jackets in a variety of colors and styles, from brand names you trust like Medline and Fashion Seal. Whether you are looking for a traditional lab coat or medical coat, a short lab coat or anti-static lab coat, Crown can customize a lab coat program specifically for your facility or practice with no up-front cost to you.
  • Medical Scrubs. – Crown’s medical scrubs service includes weekly pickup and delivery, hygienic laundering, and automatic repairs and replacements for about the same price as your daily cup of coffee. On site fittings ensure your scrubs fit well and personalization ensures that you are the only person wearing your scrubs. Doctors, nurses, orderlies and all types of healthcare staff will rejoice at the quality and cleanliness of our medical and surgical scrubs.
  • Patient Wear – While many hospitals, medical or doctor’s office, and even surgery centers or other medical institutions, rightfully focus on doctor’s and nurses’ uniforms as well as medical scrubs, the clothing that patients wear in the hospital or medical center can be the “missing link.” Yet patients matter! Patients, after all, are your ultimate end customer and they want clean, comfortable, best-in-class hospital gowns and other types of patient wear.
  • Medical Linen Service – Our medical linen service helps hospitals, medical offices and centers, as well as others in the healthcare industry such as doctor’s offices, laboratories, or dentists to outsource their medical linen service needs to us. Whether you are a big hospital chain based in Boston, a regional chain or single hospital in Portland ME or Providence RI, or a doctor’s office or surgery center elsewhere in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine, Vermont, or New Hampshire, reach out to the experts at Crown for a no obligation quote.

Boston Factoid

Originally called Tremontaine for the three hills in the area, the Puritans later changed the settlement’s name to Boston, after the town in Lincolnshire, England, from which many Puritans originated. In the 1630s, Boston Latin School—where Benjamin Franklin, John Hancock and Samuel Adams studied—and Harvard University were founded.

Despite the premium placed on education and religion, Boston’s Puritans weren’t keen on tolerance: The “crime” of being a Quaker was punishable by imprisonment or death, celebrating Christmas was banned, and in 1643 the city welcomed the first slave ship into Boston Harbor.