Patient Wear & Hospital Gowns

Patient Wear & Hospital Gown Service

We can think of several good reasons to invest in a patient wear service from Crown! Patient wear needs to keep your patients clean and comfortable, and our hygienic laundering service helps prevent the spread of dangerous infections. Hospitals and clinics across New England choose Crown for their patient wear service needs. Our patient wear meets all regulatory standards, looks great, and feels even better. Hospital gowns are a critical, if often underestimated, part of the patient experience!

While many hospitals, medical or doctor’s office, and even surgery centers or other medical institutions, rightfully focus on doctor’s and nurses’ uniforms as well as medical scrubs, the clothing that patients wear in the hospital or medical center can be the “missing link.” Yet hospital gowns matter! Patients, after all, are your ultimate end customer and they want clean, comfortable, best-in-class hospital gowns and other types of patient gowns, patient wear, etc. – from blankets to socks, male and female gowns and even patient wear for the littlest among us, infants.

Our patient wear rental program ensures that you have fresh, clean patient wear every day. Our uniform service includes weekly pickup & delivery, professional laundering & pressing, and automatic repairs & replacements, all with no up-front cost.  We met HLCA, OSHA, and TRSA certification and regulatory requirements where applicable and deploy best-in-class tracking services for each garment.

Whether you are a major hospital chain in New England, a smaller regional hospital in New Hampshire or Maine, a doctors’ surgery center or outpatient medical facility in Nashua NH or Providence RI, if you are in the New England region and are looking for a best-in-class patient wear service, give us a call. Our helpful representative will evaluate your needs and quote you on a complete end-to-end medical garment service. From the doctor to the nurse, the lab tech to the patient, Crown has you covered.